Assault Charges

One of the more unique crimes that occur is juvenile assault & battery. This crime is one in which a minor or someone under the age of 18 years old hits or violently strikes another person. An example would be a 17 year old punching, kicking or hitting another person with an object. Since this is a juvenile case, the charges are not as serious as one’s that occur with adults. However a juvenile can look at jail time of up to 2 years if they are convicted of this offense. Since this is a criminal act, those being charged with this crime will need to get legal defense. Fortunately for these people there are many criminal defense attorneys in their locale who can help them. By using criminal defense attorneys the person commitingjuvenlie assault and battery will have a chance to get the charges either reduced or dropped.


When looking to use a criminal defense attorneys it is important to go over  criteria when evaluating them. The first thing to evaluate with a criminal defense attorney is their track record. It is important to know the history and results of criminal defense lawyers when dealing with this particular case. Criminal defense lawyers who demonstrate competence and favorable results will be more desirable to hire. Another thing to evaluate when hiring a criminal defense lawyer is their knowledge and feedback. When meeting with criminal attorneys it is also a good idea to evaluate their knowledge and feeback. Having a criminal defense lawyer who demonstrate a good amount of knowledge about the situation you’re facing is also another favorable aspect. It is also important to know about what exact services criminal attorneys provide.

Since you are facing juvenile assault and battery charges it is important to find criminal attorneys who specialize in this aspect of criminal defense. The last thing you will need to evaluate is the fees that a criminal attorney charges. When hiring a criminal attorney you will need to make sure that their fees are affordable for you.


As soon as you know of criminal lawyers who meet your criteria the next step is to contact and meet with one. In order to meet with a criminal lawyer you will need to set up an appointment. Once you get the appointment set with the criminal lawyer of your choice you can then discuss your case. After discussing the case the criminal lawyers you choose will give you advice and represent you in court. Hopefully you will get the charges reduced or even dropped by using a good criminal defense lawyer.