Finding a Solicitor

Word of Mouth to get Best Birmingham Solicitor


One of the best ways to adjudicate what a particular firm of lawyers are like to work with is the recommendation of their previous clients. Anyone can put out volumes of PR expressing how great they are; but the acid test is what do their customers think of them? Even professional recommendations may be revenue-inspired, so it’s better to get the opinion of the layman: get personal recommendations from family or friends; many of them will have come into contact with Birmingham solicitors at some time or another, when buying or selling a house for instance. So ask as many people as you can.


Compare Estimates with other Birmingham Solicitor fees


Before instructing the first solicitor you see, shop around a little and get a number of estimates. Prices will vary from firm to firm and also by geographical location of the business. Get an estimate of the likely fees you will be charged in order to help in your decision. But bear in mind that you compare like with like when comparing fees so as to get a meaningful comparison.


Warning for “Cheap” Quotes from Lot’s of Birmingham Solicitor


Be wary of cheap quotes: cheap is usually cheap for a reason. Just like shopping at the supermarket, is you buy the “Value” brand, you’ll only be getting “Value” quality, not “Finest.” It can be tempting to simply go with the least expensive estimate; but never allow price to be your primary influence in choosing your solicitor. Do you want to know that every aspect of your case is being given the utmost care and attention; or merely that you have saved the most money with your choice of solicitor? The cheaper option may well deny you the level of service you would expect, or indeed need.

Where in the World?

Location can also be a determining factor when it comes down to who you wish to instruct. This shouldn’t be the overriding factor in your decision making but if your case will require many face-to-face meetings to talk things over or for the signing of paperwork, you don’t want to have to be traipsing across half of the country on a regular basis, so this does bear some consideration. As solicitors keep office hours, it may be convenient to find one near your workplace so as to conduct your business with them on your lunch break.

Ask Questions to your

When choosing a potential solicitor, ask a lot of questions: gauge their level of experience, how knowledgeable they are, their professionalism, their availability and their general attitude. If they can’t, or don’t have time to answer your basic questions when you first contact them, it should give you a pretty good estimate of how you would be treated should you instruct them to represent you.

It pays to put some effort and time into the selection of a solicitor to represent you. As with many things in life, you only get out what you put in; and, as those areas where you need to turn to a Birmingham solicitor for help are often the more crucial areas, it pays to put in as much as you can, to get out of it as much as you can.

So, whatever type of work or advice you are turning to a solicitor for, bear the above points in mind and ensure a high level of service and professionalism, to bring you the best possible results in the resolution of whatever situation you are addressing.