Drink Drive Law

Drink driving is still a big problem in the UK and many people still think they know their limits when it comes to getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. At least 3,000 people are either killed or injured, every year, in road traffic accidents that were caused by drivers being under the influence of alcohol.

For those that are charged with a drink driving offence, or are involved in an alcohol related crash, you could receive some very serious penalties. It would be in your best interest to seek advice from a solicitor who specialises in road traffic law as soon as possible.

The penalties that are given will all depend on the seriousness of the incident and exactly how much alcohol has been consumed by the driver. The maximum amount of alcohol allowed for you to still be able to drive is a ratio of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood or 0.08% blood alcohol content. This is generally the equivalent for a normal sized person consuming no more than two pints of normal strength lager. Even though there is an alcohol limit, it is still not recommended that you drink any alcohol before attempting to drive a vehicle.

A lot of people think they can drive fine after a few drinks and some think they have the ability to drive drunk. But since alcohol impairs your judgement, you’re driving skills will not be up to scratch even after a couple of beers. On top of this there are also several factors about blood alcohol levels which change and make it impossible to guess your limit, such as:

• Your metabolism

• How much you have eaten

• Your age, sex, height and weight

• The type of alcohol (beer, wines, spirits etc)

• The number of units of alcohol you have consumed

Because of how dangerous driving under the influence of alcohol really is, there are very strict laws and serious punishments for any caught in the act. These laws and punishments are there for a valid reason because whilst you are under the influence of alcohol, your judgments and physical movements are seriously impaired along with your ability to drive safely. You will suffer from the following:

• A reduced ability to see clearly

• Unable to judge speed or distance

• Much slower reaction times, which will affect your stopping distances

If you attempt to drive a vehicle whilst over the legal alcohol limit you could get a maximum penalty of 6 months in prison, a minimum of 1 year driving ban, and up to a £5000 fine. Any penalties you get that are related to drink driving offences will remain on your driving license for over 10 years, and this can have very negative effects on your insurance premium. In the more serious drunk driving incidents where someone is killed, you could also be given a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison and a minimum of a 2 year driving.

If you have be charged with a drink driving offence I would recommend that you seek advice form a specialist road traffic law solicitor as soon as possible.