Drink Driving Criminal Conviction

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to drink and drive, but many people often ignore this simple fact. There are some drivers who insist on driving despite consuming alcohol, thinking that they are capable of reaching their destination without problems. It is a sad reality that people underestimate the effects of alcohol on one’s driving skills. They forget that alcohol can negatively affect a driver’s concentration, comprehension and coordination; one’s vision is also impaired and the ability to react quickly is compromised.

The biggest problem with drink driving, however, is the harm it causes people. In a drink driving accident, not only the driver is in danger; other people such as pedestrians can get hurt as well. Every year, countless individuals lose their lives or suffer injury because of drink driving. To reduce fatalities and injuries on the roads, drink driving must be avoided as much as possible.

It is easy to judge those who have been charged with drink driving, but it is important to note that the accused are people too; they make mistakes and they have their own rights. Regardless of what they have done, they deserve proper legal advice and representation for their case. In the United Kingdom, drink driving comes with severe consequences. Drink drivers may lose their license and face a driving ban; they may be required to pay a hefty fine and may spend some time in prison. What happens after being arrested will all depend on what happens in court.

For drink drivers to avoid the most severe of penalties, they need the help of the best drink driving solicitors. It is wise to choose solicitors that specialize in this area of practice rather than seeking advice from general ones.

What makes the specialist drink driving solicitor different from other lawyers?  They are the best people to represent motorists because they specialize in motoring law.  Most criminal lawyers do not practice in this particular field since it is a relatively small area in criminal legislation, and those who do practice it often do not have the expertise. As their name suggests, drink driving solicitors practice solely in motoring law and alcohol related cases.  Their specialization is in providing representation for motorists and defense for motoring allegations.  Because motoring law is their niche, all potential clients are assured of remarkable results due to each solicitor’s thorough knowledge and understanding of this area of law.  

Those who choose the services of any of the specialist solicitors can expect better quality of service and some even allow clients to pay legal fees in installments.