Drink Driving charges

It is rather unfortunate but many people today still try to drive while they are under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs. Indeed, even when they know that they are doing wrong, they still take the risk every now and then until, inevitably, they get caught out. When this happens, the service of a Clermont County DUI attorney or a Clermont County DUI lawyer is necessary to make sure that the rights of the driver are upheld.

What most people do not get when they are taking this kind of risk is that they may just be unlucky enough to meet someone coming in the opposite direction that is in the same condition as them. Two drunk drivers can cause so much damage that sometimes people die. This is not a joke and it should not be seen as such by any stretch of the imagination.

Then, of course, are the passengers or pedestrians who will be close by. These people have little to do with the accident, but they will bear the consequences and this now is where life becomes very difficult indeed.

This does not mean though that the errant driver does not have the rights that everyone else has. For example, even if he is stopped at the side of the road on suspicion of being under the influence, the police cannot insist that he does those demeaning balance tests that the reality shows love. Rather, he can ask to be taken to the station for any tests to be done. By this time he can usually get his lawyer to come and see him and advice him on what he should do next.

Everyone has rights, whether they did something wrong or not, but they also have to face anything that comes after. But what the specialist does is to work out whether his rights were given to him in the right order. Was he given his ‘Miranda’ rights when being arrested; was he offered access to legal advice and was he told what he was being arrested for? All this will come into play when he goes to court.

Indeed, court dates are traumatic in themselves but most lawyers will try to work out some form of arbitration if his client so wants it. This may be better, particularly if he knows full well that the evidence against him is solid, since the court will go easier on him when he admits guilt rather than waste the time of the court.

This is all done by the professional, naturally, and since they have so many cases behind them, they can normally predict roughly what the outcome of the verdict will be. It may be better though to check out the experts before trouble ensues since this makes for a better relationship once the case has started. Relying on court appointed professionals can be a little dubious since their workload is so great so checking out the internet now and then may be better all round.