Drink Driving offences

It has come to be an unfortunate fact of life that instances of drink driving offences increase dramatically over the Christmas period. Whether it’s due to a higher number of people heading out for a seasonal drink or two with friends and not fully considering their blood alcohol content before jumping in the car and heading home, or simply that there are more police on patrol to catch drink drivers- the end result is the same: a serious hazard.

Over the past few years governments have spent a great deal of money highlighting the dangers of drink driving over the course of the festive period. In recent years they have commissioned a series of harrowing television adverts which served as a stark and pertinent reminder of the danger of driving under the influence of alcohol. This year however, as a consequence of budget cuts; advertising campaigns are not a viable option, which has lead to concern as to both the government’s sense of priorities (in launching a huge campaign against binge drinking whilst seemingly ignoring drink driving) and also the potential consequences of not specifically highlighting the dangers of drink driving over the Christmas period.

It is nigh on impossible to accurately assess the extent of the correlation between money spent on advertising campaigns targeting drink driving and the resultant reduction in offences. Common sense would however imply that given the impact and resonance of previous television campaigns- a correlation does exist, and failure to continue this means of preventative action could be costly. We are however autonomous creatures with our own ability to make a judgement. In order to earn the write to drive, as well as grasping the more technical and hands-on aspects of handling a car, you have to demonstrate good judgement and an ability to abide by the laws of the road. In addition to these demonstrable skills you must possess full knowledge of the rules and regulations which pertain to driving – the illegality of drink driving is amongst this body of requirements. As such, every driver is aware of the dangers of drink driving and shouldn’t need to be reminded of the risks and threat to health and safety by a media campaign.

The penalties for drink driving are severe, and with good reason. For the sake of drivers, passengers, pedestrians and anyone who cares about any of these individuals, nobody should even consider driving under the influence of alcohol. Without any doubt though, some people will and the consequences can and very often will be disastrous.