Drink Driving punishments

It is rather unfortunate but many people still take the risk of drinking and driving without being aware of the consequences should they be caught out. Not only is this morally wrong, of course, but lives and property can be damaged beyond repair and all for the sake of a few drinks. Indeed, when people are involved in accidents their first remark is often that they had never done this before! However, that being said, if the inevitable does happen then they will surely need the services of a DUI attorney to get them through the dark days ahead. A DUI lawyer will be able to ascertain the full extent of the severity of the case and act accordingly.

We have all seen those funny road side tests that the police love to give over to the entertainment shows. This serves two purposes, of course. One is to show how stupid people look when they are drunk; the other is to warn people that they will eventually be caught. But it is not necessary to undergo this kind of treatment at all. The driver can insist on being tested at the station where, if he is found to be over the limit, he can contact his legal expert for guidance.

There are two reasons why this may be a better idea for sure. One is that it takes time to set up these tests so if the driver is a tiny bit over the limit or right on the edge, the extra time may just bring him within limits. Also, if the station is particularly busy, he may just get off with a warning if he is very near the limit. Of course, this depends on why he was taken in initially but if it was just a routine stop then he may just get away with it.

Also, no matter who the person is, when they have taken a drink or two, they often become a little more belligerent than they normally are so it is better to be polite, cooperative and do everything that the office is asking, within reason of course.

There are those officers who love to embarrass people too so if one belligerent driver meets a mean officer, anything can happen!

Once the arrest is made, it is normal for the case to proceed to court and this is where the expert gets to defend the driver. Although the courts are becoming tougher on drivers who drink, there are often extenuating circumstances that they will take into consideration every now and then. The expert will know about these and will certainly try to show the court that this particular driver was as much a victim of circumstance as any other person etc.

If all else fails the driver is fined or even jailed, then the expert will certainly do his best to mitigate the loss that the driver will feel. If he loses his license, for example, this could be the end of his career.