Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney

If there is anything that the law is against it has to be risking your life and that of others. One way of putting your life and other people’s in danger is by drunk driving. Alcohol affects people’s concentration, alertness and vision which increase the chances of causing an accident when driving. Sydney’s government allows random PCA (prescribed concentration of alcohol) tests before any one is charged for driving under the influence. If PCA is higher than what is expected, drink driving offenses are charged against that person. When this happens, drink driving lawyers are the only solace.

In Sydney, there is a lot of seriousness that surrounds drink driving cases. For one, it is important to note that drink driving is indeed a criminal offence. Anyone who is caught drink driving offences faces some serious convictions. First, there is that risk of losing your license. Secondly, you can be charged a fine of up to $5500 an amount that depends on your PCA level and previous criminal record. You also face possible jail term and even if you are not sentenced to jail a bad criminal record will trail you for the rest of your life.

However, this is not to say that all hope is lost. There is much that drink driving lawyers competent enough to handle your case can do. First, you need to understand that the section 10 is given to people found guilty of having committed the criminal offence but the court decides that, they will not receive any criminal conviction and they will remain using your license. If the court considers the section 10, you might leave court without any criminal conviction. Your age, character, mental and physical health and previous record are some of the factors the magistrate considers before giving you a section 10.

There are things that can be done to increase a person’s chances of getting a section 10. You may prepare up to three people to act as character references in court. Your drink driving lawyers can also explain to the court by using some “written instructions” from you that the offence took place when your life was in distress. You can also show the court any initiative you have taken to stop drinking like attending a drug and alcoholic program or visiting a psychologist. However, your lawyers have to get a report and use it to address the court.

Drink driving lawyers have a responsibility in the society. First of all, they need to represent their clients using facts and figures that would lead to a fair penalty being imposed. This is why an offender needs to select lawyers with adequate experience. The magistrate will always look at both sides of the story before passing a ruling. The other role all DUI lawyers must play is to inform their clients on the possible consequences if their actions are repeated. Furthermore, lawyers should always advise their clients on ways to avoid drink driving offences ever again. With the right lawyer, you reduce your chances of facing harsh penalty as well as falling on the wrong side of the law again.