Cheap Lawyers

Have you been overcharged for legal advice? Do you want how to get cheaper fees for the same services?

How to get the best price and quality work from a lawyer?

I am not a fan of lawyers charging expensive fees but we need them some time in our lives to resolve legal issues. Such issues can be related to speeding fines, injury claim or divorce matters. Other matters lawyers can help us with include setting up trusts, business partnerships and companies. Unfortunately these are not necessarily the best times in our lives but worse, we are paying top money in the thousands of range for such services. So you may ask how do I get the best value and bang for my buck when I seek the services of a skilled and experienced lawyer without breaking the bank.

The secret is to ask for a quote beforehand, and ask for the hourly charges and any administration fees before committing to anyone. You will get a fair idea of the lawyer’s charges over the phone.

I have had quotes from various lawyers on making family trusts, and have had quotes 3 times as much as others. I went with the cheapest of course, because family trusts are no brainers, there’s no reason for you to get charged over $400 for a family trust.

However, if you are going to a lawyer for immigration purposes, be aware that they may promise you 99% success rate. I don’t know where they get these figures form, but it happened that when I helped my cousin do an application for my uncle to migrate to Australia, the same promise was made. In the end, the 99% success rate was nowhere near to be seen, besides joining the queue and waiting for 15 years.

Like any other profession, if there is an opportunity to charge higher rates, lawyers will do the same.

I recommend being smarter and proactive about reducing fees and money. There was another instance when my uncle was wrongfully charged by two phone companies for the same phone line. Unfortunately the lawyer couldn’t fix it, but his accountant could resolve the problem, and it was free! Yes free! SO the tip here is to ask around if you have any friends who have expertise or experience in the same problem before going to a lawyer. The other tip is to think if you can solve it yourself before going to a lawyer.