Good Lawyer

The population of registered lawyers increases worldwide each year. These lawyers are driven by their goals and ambitions. They may have personal or selfless reasons to serve. And each lawyer is being faced by the question: how to become a good lawyer.

A good lawyer comes from being a person of good character, but technically, good lawyers should accomplish satisfactory if not excellent grades from any 4 year courses in college (bachelors’ degree) and must have 3 years in law school.

You have must have a good communication and writing skills, these are very important when you go to law school. Your ability to communicate and persuade your opinions in court really matters. Lawyers should be fluent in English and has vast knowledge on basic laws as a foundation. Critical understandings of difficult cases and use of analytical reasoning in solving problems are also important. A lawyer must have good organization skills, an organized lawyer is always on time on achieving set of goals and more productive since he manages his time wisely. A good lawyer should have backgrounds in philosophy, ethics, logic, English, political science, economics, public speaking and foreign languages.

New applicants must take and pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) before admission to law school. It serves as a measurement of proficiency in reading and verbal reasoning skills that law schools use as one of their screening tests. The test is given to aspiring law students quarterly in different nations worldwide.

Upon deciding to partake in law school a law student must choose his field of interest. A good lawyer chooses a field of interest based on their bachelor’s degree.

They find it easy to tackle legal cases or issues on matters they are familiar with. Some lawyers took bachelors in arts in sciences as preparatory for law school. Others get a degree of economics or accounting, which helps to become a corporate lawyer. A good lawyer not only depends on himself, but also seeks out and listens to the opinions of his colleagues. At the end this, the knowledge that he accumulates will lead him to wise, unbiased and right decisions.

A good medium of acquiring knowledge and development of systematic skills is to have an internship in a courtroom or to become a student assistant of a court lawyer. It’s a good opportunity for a law student to see what it really takes to become a good lawyer.

A good lawyer displays not only intelligence and mastery of law but also an attitude and character towards work. The judge in a courtroom notices lawyers who perform their job with dignity and sense of respect. They are generally recommended for promotions and receive acknowledgment of the service they have rendered. It’s not the school or people’s opinions that molds a good lawyer, but the lawyer who decides and stand up to become one.