Legal Solicitors

Legal documents surround almost everything we do every day of our lives, ranging from marriage and divorce, tenancy agreements to receipts and employment contracts.

However there is quite a substantial difference between legal documents such as a receipt that states our legal rights to the document holder compared to Wills or a business contracts. The latter two documents for example, which are complex in nature, will need to be drafted by a solicitor.

These complexities can be seen within all businesses needs for legal documentation, they help a business to run smoothly, but there are several potential legal pitfalls that could cause significant damage to a business that has little knowledge of the law.

A shareholders agreement for example, allows regulation between shareholders and the entire company. Many other legal documents such as; business transfer agreements, articles of association and deeds of adherence documents, all need to stay within the realm of UK business and commercial law but also following individual employment and shareholder rights.

In most cases a solicitor would have the most professional working knowledge and experience to ensure that all possible legal aspects are covered. A solicitor that can draft these legal documents will allow business to continue as normal.

On top of what we have just discussed there are still various other types of legal documentation that a business may need to fully engage in commercial activity. Within this sector you will need agency, distribution, loan and marketing agreements, on top of any business contracts.

All of these documents will need to adhere to UK business and commercial law, competition law, employment law and consumer laws. As there are so many different and overlapping areas of UK law a lot of business will have to follow, and this will increase the need for a solicitor.

Here we have only used the business sector as an example of the huge range of legal documentation that can affect our daily lives. We could easily have gone into the same amount of detail for all the documentation that is needed to buy a property or to get married or divorced. A solicitors will be trained in certain areas of the law and they will all make sure that the appropriate legal documentation covers all possible outcomes and that all parties involved are not denied their rights or are impinging their legal obligations.

In other words, if you are a person who usually doesn’t bother to read the terms and conditions of documents and just ticks the box to say you agree with them, you could need a solicitor to draft your legal documentation for you. Most legal documentation is just a long set of terms and conditions so if you find it difficult to get through the agreements for an internet purchase it is likely you will find a business contract between two firms where assets and employees will have to be shared to be like taking on Ulysses by Joyce for the first time.