DUI Lawyer

If a Los Angeles motorist has been detained because of driving while under the influence of liquor, he or she needs the help of not just a general defense lawyer but a DUI lawyer Los Angeles. There are many professional DUI lawyers Los Angeles at present who are experts in defending anyone who is charged with DUI or driving under the influence and the accused can just search for their names through directories then reach them by just making phone calls. A professional DUI lawyer is a very experienced one in defending the accused and very knowledgeable about the DUI law.

In Los Angeles, California, DWI cases are divided into two parts. The first part is at the time when the motorist was arrested, the level of impairment is determined or how drunk was the motorist when he or she was made to pull over by the police. People who became witnesses when the motorist was arrested and the arresting officer would be called on court to testify. For police officers, the indicators that a motorist is under the influence or liquor or anything that impairs driving are reckless driving, swerving on the road, being tipsy, and poor attentiveness. The second is the test results using the breathalyzer. As indicated in the law, a motorist is impaired if his or her blood alcohol level or BAC is above the legal limit of 0.08 per cent. Once the motorist failed in the breathalyzer test, there is no need for the prosecutor to prove impairment due to physical indications. A professional DUI lawyer Los Angeles helps an accused pass through such process.

The driver’s license of anyone who is arrested due to DWI is confiscated by authorized law enforcers. Several factors of the individual case of the accused affect the outcome of his or her hearing. One factor is how many times the accused has been detained because of DUI. Due to past DUI cases, when proven guilty, the person can lose his or her driving rights for a year up to four years. Refusing to undergo the chemical test will as well result to the same penalty. One cannot afford to lose his or her driving privileges and so it is very important to find a professional DUI lawyer Los Angeles to defend him or her in court.

The punishment for driving while under the influence of liquor can be of minor to major level. By thorough examination of the factors that affect one’s case, the judge will come up with a decision. The factors that a judge considers are the damage the accused had caused while drunk driving, the number of previous offenses of the accused, and other circumstances. Each time a person is detained due to DUI, the corresponding punishment increases. The fines become greater and the suspension period of the license of the convicted becomes longer. The laws as well as the regulations with regards to DUI are complex and only a professional DUI lawyer Los Angeles can assist an accused in understanding them.