Employment Lawyer

I am an employment lawyer in London. I have seen in recent years that the number of laws coming from European Directives has fundamentally changed employment law for a solicitor in London and for workers and employers. What makes employment law so different from other areas of law is that it is something that affects most people at some time. It is also the area of law that is probably the most complex and the most frequently changing type of law. Consider for example three important areas of employment law: the Working Time Directive, rest breaks and paid annual Leave. These three areas alone affect every single one of us and employment lawyers in London represent three sectors: the employee, the employer and trade unions.
The first issue; the Working Time Directive is one of the most contentious issues facing our government. It is also one of the most contentious and pernicious issues facing workers, particularly those on part-time contracts. That is why you need the protection of a good employment law solicitor in London. Under this legislation an employer cannot compel employees to work more than 48 hours per week over a 17 week period. That is unless the worker has agreed to do so in writing.
Related to the Working Time Directive is the issue of compulsory rest breaks which all adult workers are entitled to. This means at least 20 minutes uninterrupted rest for every 6 hours of working time. Employment law solicitors in London are inundated with cases each year by companies defending their right to make businesses competitive against these provisions. Only with the knowledge of employment solicitors in London can companies and individuals work through the constant sea of regulations that are part of our highly integrated business life.
Finally, paid annual leave is something that all workers should be entitled to. As from April 2009 all workers are entitled to 28 days paid leave annually (up from the previous 20 days). Again, we as employment lawyers in London welcome this law and try to take on all parties views when the law is considered. In considering these three issues for example we as London employment law solicitors consider employers facing problems at work, employees wanting to keep on the right side of employment law, as well as trade unions looking for legal services which will help their members and themselves.
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